Study in France

By studying in France, you can discover a great place to learn and live in the heart of Europe.

France, a dynamic country

In the heart of Europe, France is the world’s leading tourist destination for 25 years. France is also the fifth largest economy in the world, and is leading agricultural power of the European Union. France is a dynamic country with a multi-cultural heritage.

A popular country for students in international mobility

France is the 4th most popular country for students in international mobility, after the US, the UK and Australia, and before Germany. France hosted 343,000 international higher education students during the 2017/18 academic year. This number growth year –over-year. Under its international recruitment strategy, The French goverment aims to host 500,000 students by 2027.

A rich cultural and social life

Institutions of higher education are generally located into the heart of cities. Museums, bookshops, cinemas, theaters and cafés are never very far. With your student's status, access to cultural institutions, sports or tourist activities and transportation are particularly accessible and cheaper.

France counts more than 40,000 monuments and protected sites, 39 UNESCO World Heritage-listed cultural sites, 80,000 museums, 2,000 cinemas and nearly 500 festivals testify to the richness of cultural life in France. French artistic creation shines in all fields.

Life in Lille

Student life in Lille is more than just studying. Lille is located in the North of France. It's the capital of the Hauts-de-France region, has an exceptional cultural vitality, and is famous for its architectural splendor.

A great place to learn and live

Lille was elected « European Capital of Culture » in 2004 and established itself as an absolute must-see cultural destination of France. Learn how to travel to Lille.

Lille made Nestpick’s list of best cities for millennials in 2017. In 2018, NEON Magazine named Lille the coolest city in France, thanks to our young population, bike-friendly roads, and cheap beer!

The city of Lille lives with the flow of its cultural events, concerts, shows and its student life (more than 100,000 students). Consistently voted one of the friendliest cities in France, Lille is a great place to learn and live.
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