Agricultural Economics

ISA Lille’s Agricultural Economics research unit, Groupe de Recherches et d’Etudes Concertées sur l’Agriculture et les Territoires (GRECAT), offers an accompaniment to Regional Councils and agricultural professionals through the use of classical surveys or observatories. To accomplish this mission, the GRECAT has developed for 10 years a tool named OPCRA® (Permanent Observatory of the Rural and Agricultural Change). The results of the different OPCRA® in the region, statistics and cartographies concerning different collective regional organizations are displayed on the internet site. The GRECAT also contributes to give technico-economic approach or study social perception into several research projects, in partnership with other research teams.



Research Areas

  • Establishment of rural and agricultural dynamics by observatories (OPCRA) 
  • Direct markets and their stakes for farmers and local councils 
  • Agricultural future markets and farmers’ strategies 
  • Agricultural raw materials markets : financialization and price volatility impact on farms management (economic and financial theme based on econometric models)

Tools and Methodologies 

  • Statistics software (SPAD or SPHINX) 
  • Cartographic software, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Permanent Observatory of Rural and Agricultural Change (OPCRA®)

Scientific and Professional Partnerships 


  • Faculty of geography of Lille 1 
  • Faculty of Finance and Management of Lille 2 
  • Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais :  Economic Division and Territories Division 
  • ADEME 
  • Regional Chamber of Agriculture 
  • CASDAR (Compte d’Affectation Spéciale développement Agricole et Rural) 


  • Interreg-Agrifutur, Faculty of Psychology of Liège (Belgium)


research engineers
PhD students

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  • Verstraete D., Statnik JC., Price dynamics in agricultural commodity markets: a comparison of European and U.S. markets (2013). Empirical Economics

Marie Stankowiak
Head of Research Unit
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