Research at ISA Lille covers various areas of agriculture and bio-engineering topics, from agribusiness and animal welfare to food processing and soil remediation.

Our Research Units

ISA Lille students work on semester long projects involving research topics relevant to their chosen area of study. This hands-on experience encourages students to think critically about the application of their technical skills. Students also learn how to manage on-going projects in an international team and in collaboration with real business partners.  

Research & Academic

Because our lecturer-researchers have their own varied experience working on international research teams, they know how to help prepare students for work in university labs, companies’ R&D departments, and prepare PhDs. Our faculty also provide valuable scientific contributions to the French, European and global academic community.

In addition to study opportunities, international students may also join our specialized research units for exchange opportunities. Students may either come for a full-time research internship (3 months minimum) or for a directed research project complemented by academic courses. While students work independently, each project is defined in advance and supervised by an experienced ISA professor. Phd candidates at partner universities are also invited to undertake part of their research at ISA Lille. Visiting research students may work in English or in French. 

Please contact the head of your desired research unit or the International Office for more information. 

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Science - Animal Behavior and Livestock Systems

Agricultural Science - Biotechnology and Management of Pathogens

Sensory Evaluation
Food Science - Product Development and Quality Management

Process Engineering
Food Science - Operational Performance and Quality Management

Environmental Science - Soils and Environment

Other Cooperation Opportunities

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