ISA Lille is proud to welcome three incoming students who were awarded the French government’s Make Our Planet Great Again scholarship (MOPGA). 

As an initiative of President Emmanuel Macron in reaction to the United States of America’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement, the goal of the MOPGA program is “to encourage international students to pursue master’s-level training in earth systems, climate change and sustainability, or the energy transition at French institutions of higher education.” These three research topics are a priority for the French government as they tackle the very real challenges due to climate change. Sustainability is at the core of our work, so all of our Master programs align with the MOPGA research priorities: 

  • Governing and managing sustainable development locally and globally. 
  • Managing growth, synergies and trade-offs. 
  • Exploring, understanding and evaluating transformation pathways and life cycle issues. 
  • Developing, implementing and promoting sustainable technologies. 
  • Development of recycling technologies and of green and recyclable materials. 
  • Understanding  and  evaluating  global  health  challenges  and  managing  health  risks  and equities of environmental and climate change. 
  • Emerging innovative concepts and technologies for massive energy production, storage and distribution. 
  • Energy efficiency. 
  • Economically, environmentally and socially viable production and bioproduction of biosourced raw materials. 
  • Systemic  approach  of  the  energy  transition  including  economic,  ecologic,  and  social challenges, and the development and analysis of prospective scenarios. 

As a creation of the Ministries of European and Foreign Affairs and of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Campus France administers the scholarship. MOPGA scholars are awarded round-trip airfare, a 700€ payment for educational expenses, and a monthly living allowance for the duration of our two-year program. Thanks to the scholarship, we are able to welcome students who otherwise would not have been able to join our program. 

So in this first year of the program, three of our incoming students were awarded the MOPGA grant. That is, these three out of a total of only 48 laureates at the Master level. Congratulations to Justice, Ivan, and Felix for their outstanding academic excellence! 

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