Around the World Internships

Hands-on and project-based learning are the core of all of ISA Lille’s academic programs. We enact this approach throughout the year with projects, site visits, guest lecturers, study tours, and more. This active learning method is most evident at the end of the academic year, when our students head off to their internships. 

Every year at ISA Lille is punctuated by internship periods of varying length and intensity: 

  • 1st year 2 months’ farm placement; ISA organizes the students’ placement on a farm in France 
  • 2nd year2 weeks in Food Industry; Students must find a company and apply on their own, in France or abroad 
  • “Rupture” – During the summer holiday between the 2nd and 3rd year, students are required to embark on a 4-month international working experience. ISA students set out for all corners of the world to volunteer, intern, work and, most of all, have an unforgettable experience that shapes the rest of their personal, academic and professional path. 
  • 3rd year At least 2 months as an Engineering Apprentice; Students must find a company and apply on their own in France or abroad. In addition, students must define their project with the approval of an ISA supervisor. 

Master 1 

Then, at the graduate level, internships are fully integrated into the curriculum and make up an important part of the students’ earned credits. Between the first and second year of our Master’s programs, students work in a company or laboratory, in France, Europe, and beyond. Students work for 3 months and may choose whatever area of study interests them, with approval by their academic advisor. The first challenge is finding the placement! Students work hard all year to build their network and make contacts in their areas of interest through career fairs, site visits, guest speakers, and projects with partner companies. 

After sharing the classroom with their colleagues all year, they finally get to focus on the one area that is of particular interest to them. It is during this professional experience when students really lay the foundation for their career. When students return for the second year of their Master (M2), they have a clearer perspective on their professional objectives. They also find it easier to apply theories they learned in the classroom to the reality of the working environment. 

Master 2 

A highlight of studying at ISA Lille is the final semester of the Master’s program. Students spend 6 months working in a company or laboratory. Students may return to where they completed their first internship, or explore a new area of expertise. Working in start ups or multinational corporations, our students truly tailor their internship experience to their own professional goals. Most importantly, this integrated professional experience also means students are ready to work even before they graduate. A lot of students even end up working for their host companies, which explains why 90% of ISA alumni are employed within 6 months of graduating. 

>> Learn more about our Master’s Programs. 

We’re proud to offer this opportunity to our students, and even more proud to see what they do with it. Stay tuned to our annual summer social media campaign #AroundtheWorldInternships to learn more about their projects. Follow us on our International Facebook page to see more details about the students’ work.

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