Fésia becomes France Agro3

After more than 30 years of cooperation under the name Fésia, four French graduate schools of agriculture and life sciences— ESA in Angers, ISA – Yncréa Hauts-de-France in Lille, ISARA in Lyon and Avignon and PURPAN in Toulouse—are adopting a new name which will better illustrate their main areas of expertise in life sciences.

The new name of the consortium is rooted in three fundamental areas of expertise :

  • Agro Ecology If respect for the environment is a global issue, then technical and biological innovations and understanding economic and social dynamics will underpin the transition of agriculture.
  • Agro Resources Tomorrow, agricultural production will be healthier, safer and will have to ensure both profitability and responsibility from the plot to the farm, as well as at industry and territorial level.
  • Agro Food The purpose of transformations must serve both to feed the world’s population while enhancing the global food model.

France’s influence over agricultural, food-related, environmental and life sciences issues is patent. The food chain is the number one employer in France with more than 3 million jobs.

At a time when agro-environmental challenges concern the entire planet and consumer expectations have never been so high, we believe it is essential to prepare future agricultural and food managers to take into account new global and societal challenges.” Pascal Désamais, Vice-President of France Agro3

Active and appreciated in the international scientific community, France Agro3 enjoys
partnerships with research centres such as INRA, CIRAD, CNRS, Institut Pasteur, and such
prestigious international universities as Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, UCLouvain in Belgium, ESALQ in Brazil, and Cornell University in the United States.

Thanks to their close links with the professional community, the France Agro3 network seeks to position itself as a true initiator of changes in the sector. The France Agro3 schools also offer the complementarity of their expertise in research and innovation, a priority area of teaching excellence and a major tool of proximity to companies.

partner univerisites on all 5 continents
laboratories and research teams
international students hosted each year

About France Agro 3

France Agro3 is a leading French network of education and research in life sciences. Offering programs in English and French at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, France Agro3 sets itself apart as a comprehensive and dynamic collective of higher education. Research and professional cooperation are at the heart of our activities, giving students first-hand experience and a competitive advantage on the global job market: 95% of France Agro3 graduates are employed within 6 months.
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