From November 5-9, we visited our partner Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU)in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the first official visit in the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility project. We welcomed the first Kazakh student benefitting from this exchange in September 2018: Assem Sharipbay is currently studying in our Food Science program.

Pierre Vandendriessche, Head of ISA Lille’s Food Science department, and Vira Wannepain, our Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, were welcomed by Alamgul Baubekova, Vice Dean on Scientific Innovations Work and International Links Affair in the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology. Mr. Vandendriessche also had the privilege of meeting with Dean Bolatkhan Zayadan of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology. These meetings allowed us to strengthen our personal connection to this institutional collaboration. We further discussed the upcoming exchanges involved in our international credit mobility project.

In addition to our organizational meetings, Mr. Vandendriessche gave an Advanced Excel Workshop for Operations Managers in the Food Industry, which taught students the key concepts:

  • Optimization of ingredients in the agri-food sector;
  • Statement and solution of the problem using the “Solver” Tool;
  • Construction of Pivot Tables;
  • Using Excel to visualize and track projects of various sizes.

Mrs. Wannepain also participated in a staff training at the university.

Another main objective of the visit was to meet with future exchange students who will join ISA Lille in January 2019. Working with our partners at KazNU, we chose four students who will receive the Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility grant, funded by the European Commission, during their academic exchange at ISA Lille. The chosen students will join the Food Science program in the second semester of this academic year.

We also had the great honor of visiting the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, where we met the University Cooperation Attaché, Mr. Gilles Mametz.  We’re grateful to him for sharing his expertise in French-Kazakh academic cooperation, of which there are many opportunities.

It was a great start to our Erasmus+ project with KazNU and we’re looking forward to realizing the rest of our program objectives.

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