Testimonials - Exchange students at ISA

ISA  has more than 200 partner universities around the world and has signed many of these agreements through international programs such as Erasmus+, Brafagri, Brafitec, Arfagri.
International students currently studying at ISA talk about their experience.

Roksoliana VANKO, student in Food Science

From Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

" I couldn't even imagine before coming, that I will learn so much about food industry. Even though it was challenging to study online for some time, I still managed to learn a lot and boost my communication skills.

I really like the fact that teachers we have had worked in the companies within the food industry, they shared great experience and lessons. Also, the practicals in the lab were exciting.

Learning at Junia ISA gave me useful skills to work in a team on group projects, to write proper reports about experiments, to do research and solve case studies.

If I would recommend studying at JUNIA ISAto someone, I would say to be prepared for the hard and exciting studies that make sense and clear application. Also I'd tell not to worry too much because people (teachers and administration) is very open and helpful.

This experience opened me whole new sector for future career, and now I would like to work in food industry, specifically in R&D. Apart from that, educational experience abroad is highly valued by recruiters in my country.

Before coming, I was scared that the subjects will be too difficult and I will fail the exams (since I come from a country outside EU and I have different educational background). However, I studied well and managed to pasd the exams successfully "

Jesse James Owusu, student in Environmental Science

From Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

"I really appreciate the study tours to experience practically the things we learnt in class. The teachers were also very insightful and helpful all the time.

I learned a lot working in group with people coming from different countries. Laboratory and practical experience were also very instructive.

If I would recommend studying at JUNIA ISA to someone, I would say "Come to JUNIA bestie" we don't just do classroom teaching but also field and practical learning for better understanding.

For the future, I believe that I am being equipped with all the necessary information, knowledge and tools to go to the outside world and succeed while bringing positive change to the world. The future is exciting!

Before coming to France I had no idea what to expect since it was my first time on this programme. COVID was also at the peak so I was afraid lessons may not take place but there were online classes mixed with face to face sessions as well while ensuring the safety protocols were followed."

Valeriia Khintsytska, Master 2 student in Agricultural Science

From National University of Life and Environmenatl Sciences, Ukraine

"Before coming to JUNIA ISA I was expecting to discover new aspects of agricultural engineering. My expectations were fully met. In addition, the amount of support and motivation I received from the professors during the year exceeded all my expectations. I am so grateful for that.

I extremely liked study trips to the companies and farms. It exposed me to the way the French professionals view agriculture and their perspectives and challenges within the field. Additionally, it was a great opportunity to put all gained theoretical knowledge into practice and build a professional network.

Studying at JUNIA ISA allowed me to improve my skills in the writing of literature reviews and reports. Also, I had a chance to got familiar with modeling, data analysis and statistics with utilisation of different software. And of course, it is difficult not to mention improvements in such soft skills as time and project management.

If I would recommend Junia ISA to someone, I would say « Brace yourself, study at ISA is not an easy task, but it is fascinating and beneficial. » JUNIA ISA teach students to go in the line with the demands of current agriculture and gives to them all necessary resources and support to address upcoming challenges within the sector.

Now, I got more clear vision of my career path. I realised that I do not only want to develop a successful career as an engineer but also to make a positive impact on the area, to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture. These gained knowledge and skills made me a good candidat for job position and also, it will allow to present and implement efficient farming practises in frames of Ukraine after finishing.

Before coming to France I was looking forward to seeing the school, attend courses and meet new people. I knew that there is nothing to be afraid of, and I was sure that JUNIA ISA would welcome me nicely. And it was like this."
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