Visiting Professor

ISA Lille had the pleasure of welcoming Viktoriia Kozhevnikova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Hotel and Catering Business at Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Ukraine) in the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 project.

” I was invited to teach a course of lectures to the Masters students of the Food Science Department in ISA Lille through the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme. I gave the lectures on “Nutrition”, covering the topics of functional foods, the benefits and drawbacks of food fortification and enrichment as well as current trends for improving nutritional value, such as novel and organic foods, and “Food Additives”, covering the various classification systems for food additives and the laws and regulations governing their safety.

The group of students I taught was a great example of international cooperation, including representatives from China, Ghana, Kazakhstan, and other countries. Two of them were even from Ukraine, like I was. They showed a lot of interest in the topic, asking questions and participating in the discussion, making the classes easy and fun to teach, despite the length of the lectures. Overall it was a very pleasant experience as well as a challenge for my language skills.

Aside from teaching, in the week I spent in France I was given a chance to see the laboratory facilities in ISA Lille. I was shown the sensory analysis lab, the food pilot plant, the automated hydroponics, and other facilities. I am very grateful for Vira Wannepain, Lucile Gaberel, and Laureen Simon for organizing these tours.

It was also quite interesting to learn about the education practices in ISA Lille. During my meetings with the staff I had an opportunity to discuss the differences and similarities in organization of both educational and research work in our institutions. This exchange of good practices was a great opportunity to improve my teaching methods.

Even though my stay in ISA Lille wasn’t long, it was a very positive and unforgettable experience. It is my hope that cooperation between our institutions will continue as it is a great opportunity to share knowledge and skills, develop professional contacts, and gain new experiences. ”

Viktoriia Kozhevnikova
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Hotel and Catering Business
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Ukraine)
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