In May 2019, Vadim Grachev, associate Professor of Animal Science at St. Petersburg State Agrarian University (Russia) participated in a teaching mobility within the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility partnership.

“On the first day, acquaintance with the University took place. After this I gave lectures on the current state of animal husbandry in Russia, as well as on highly productive dairy cows, the problems in their breeding and ways to overcome them. On the same day, we moved to Belgium together with two teachers to conduct field sessions with students of the international group studying under the Erasmus+ program.

In the next four days, visits were made to many agricultural enterprises in Belgium and France: beef cattle, meat chickens, bison, dairy goats farms. We also visited the company, which analyzes the soil, water, and feed quality. There were meetings and discussions with colleagues farmers and other specialists. This communication on professional topics contributed to my scientific and professional growth. I gained a lot of knowledge about the development and current state of animal husbandry in Belgium and France.

On May 23, we returned from Belgium to Lille. On Friday, May 24, the final part of the lectures devoted to the problems of dairy cattle reproduction in the Russian Federation and the main areas of research in animal husbandry in the Leningrad region was held. After that, all the necessary documents for the Erasmus+ program were processed, and the transfer to Paris took place. On Saturday, 25.05 there was a walking tour of the city with a tour of the main attractions.

This trip made a great impression, and brought me a lot of benefits in scientific and professional terms. I will use this experience in my work with students and in research. I will also recommend my university to strengthen and maintain international relations. In addition to professional growth, the trip has improved the language and cultural level. I would like to express my gratitude to all the organizers and participants of this mobility.”

Vadim Grachev
Associate Professor,
St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, Russia

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