Gennadii Bondarenko shares his experience as a visiting professor in the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 project with his home university, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, in Kiev.

“In May 2018, I already participated in the Mobility program at ISA Lille, and I was honored very much to participate again, in October 2019. The focus of this year’s teaching module was dairy nutrition with overall topic NDF digestibility and its practical implication in dairy nutrition. Our group was formed of the Master students from France, USA, Brazil, and the Russian Federation.

Together with Joop Lensink, Academic Dean at ISA Lille, we conducted a lecture course that included such topics as NDF digestibility as a measure of forage quality, Target parameters of high quality silage, Critical control points of a well-balanced ration, Approaches to forage economical assessment.

Most of the lectures were done at the training farm Genech (60 cows of Prim Holstein and Rouge Flamand, almost of 10,000 kg of milk per cow per year), that provided a good opportunity for the students to integrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In addition to the lectures we did practical classes on forage quality assessment, body condition scoring of cows, evaluation of rumination and digestion by assessment of cud chewing, manure consistency, manure washing through the sieve. Special attention was given to feed bunk management, control of the structure of the total mixed ration and approaches to minimize the risk of sorting that would assure stable intakes of dry matter.

I was positively impressed by the attitude of students and their very strong desire to gain new knowledge and to learn more about innovative approaches to dairy nutrition.

All aspects of my stay at ISA Lille (hotel, logistics, teaching environment) was organized on a very high level of comfort.

Participation in Erasmus Plus academic mobility program has made a big contribution to my personal development through strengthening language skills, intercultural communication skills, mastering innovating approaches and exchange of good practices to practical education in animal production.

I would strongly recommend my colleagues to participate in this program and will gladly participate myself again, given a chance.”

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