Teaching Mobility in Environmental Sciences

Julien Castelin shares his experience during teaching mobility at Erasmus+ KA107 partner university Juniata College, United States of America.
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“In May 2019, I had the opportunity to participate to a one-week intensive course at Juniata College, in Pennsylvania, USA. The topic was “Ecotourism” and the course explored the expansion of food production, tourism, and their impact on the environment in the Central Pennsylvania Region.

I gave lectures addressing the pollution aspects and secondary environmental impacts of some specific activities of Eco and Agro tourism. Besides the lectures, I had the opportunity to participate to a lot of field visits, organized by our partner, with the students of the batch.

This mobility was a unique opportunity to discover specific cultural and environmental aspects of this part of the Unites States and exchange with students about the differences related to these aspects. Moreover, it was a great pleasure to meet with some of the faculty involved in teaching mobility to France since 2015 (Dr John Matter, Dr Uma Ramakrishnan, Dr Neil Pelkey, Dr Kim Roth) and also to discuss about potential future teaching mobilities with new faculty members, for our program in Environmental Science (Management of pollution).

Through nice discussions and time spent with our colleagues there and with the students, I feel I’ve developed my intercultural skills very much and I consider this experience as a great chance of personal enrichment. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and strongly encourage staff members to seize this kind of opportunities in the future !”

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