Visiting Professor

Dr. Jonathan Hogarh is a Lecturer in the Environmental Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana. ISA Lille was honored to welcome him as a guest lecturer for the second time in November 2017, in the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 project. Here is his feedback on the experience:
knust ghana professor jonathan hogarh in lille

“I have so far been involved in two Teaching Mobilities to ISA Lille (first, during the period of 26th Nov. – 3rd Dec. 2016, and second 20th – 29th Nov. 2017). The experiences on both occasions were great! I have had the opportunity to teach and share my practical experience in environmental pollution monitoring, and waste management (from a developing country’s perspective) with the first year Master of Science and Engineering in Environmental Science class at ISA. The visit also offered an opportunity to learn some innovative and interesting pedagogy in the teaching of Environmental Science, which could be integrated into the setup at KNUST. 

A field visit to EuraTechnologies Lille was particularly interesting; it revealed a practical approach to harnessing the energies of students from different academic backgrounds – natural science, engineering, business, agriculture and social sciences – working together to resolving technical problems submitted by industry. 

The visit to ISA was also an opportunity to follow-up on KNUST students presently studying there in the frame of cooperation between the two institutions, as well as connect with colleagues at ISA for future research collaborations. It was not all academic though, we also had a wonderful time for social interactions … yes, time to dine to some wonderful French cuisine, and time to experience French football. It has been an amazing all-round experience!” 

– Dr. Jonathan Hogarh 

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