Visiting professor

Dr. Kimberly A. Roth is a Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Program of Data Science of Juniata College. ISA Lille has the pleasure of welcoming her in the framework of our Erasmus+ KA107 project. Here is her feedback on the experience:

“I came to ISA to teach making graphs using R with water quality data to first year ISA graduate students studying water quality. They also learned some basic statistical modeling. The students were reluctant at first about using R to make graphs, but they increased their comfort and skills by the end of the three days.  As a teacher I learned more about working with students with mixed language level in English especially with programming in R.  I will be able to those skills back to use with my own international students in my classes in the US. I enjoyed getting to know Julien Castelin and Nadège Oustriere (ISA Academic coordinators, Department of Environmental Science). Nadège helped greatly in the classroom so there were two people to answer computer questions. Karin Sahmer (ISA Professor of Statistics, Department of Economics and Management) and I discussed how we use R in teaching statistics.  I also made professional contacts at ISEN (Engineering Institute in Digital science) and at Université Catholique de Lille. I also met with one Juniata alumni pursuing a graduate degree at ISA and two English students from Université Catholique de Lille, one who is going on the exchange year at Juniata and one who is considering it.  I hope my contacts with both faculty and students will increase the exchange of students between the programs”

Kimberly A. Roth
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Program of Data Science
Ph.D. in Mathematics, Masters in Applied Statistics
Juniata College
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