From November 19 through 23, 2018, Dr. Julia Galchynska, a visiting professor from our Erasmus + partner NULES Ukraine, returned to ISA Lille to give courses in our Agricultural Economics, Marketing and Management program. Here Dr. Galchynska shares her Teaching Mobility experience:

“Staying in different countries of the world – America and Europe on a training and lecturing has given an impetus for new ideas, development and a meeting with new colleagues, I have got one more such experience at ISA Lille University.
During the week, I held a 12-hour course covering Marketing Research,Marketing Information Systems,Market Segmentation. During the five days of lectures, I shared my experience in the sphere of marketing, not only while presenting lectures but also by means of practical tasks. To illustrate, I also used examples of real companies and corporations. Practical training was provided in the style of interactive games on the basis of theory and practical skills in the field of marketing. The present students were from Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan and Thailand. They were very clever and are interested in new information. The students asked many questions! At the end I got useful feedback and students thanked for the interesting lectures, which was very pleasant. I am grateful to colleagues for the organization and maintenance of my stay. It was a professional level visit and an unforgettable experience.

After the lectures there were many interesting meetings and discussions. Thanks to Professors France Lefebvre du Prey [Head of ADICODE Projects at Yncréa Hauts-de-France] and Annie Gireau-Geneaux [ADICODE and Co-eLab Professor, Yncréa Hauts-de-France] for the visit to the Urbawood center. Within 5 days of stay in ISA Lille, though being a very short period, it was very saturated and interesting, I would like to thanks very much Vira Wannepain [Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator], Florence Malaise [Head of ISA Lille’s International Relations Office] and Julie Christiaen [Head of ISA Lille’s Agricultural Economics, Marketing & Management Department] for their professionalism and organization.”

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