Teaching Mobility in Environmental Science

Nadège Oustière shares her experience during teaching mobility at Erasmus+ KA107 partner university KNUST, Ghana
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“My visit was organized in the framework of the KA107 Erasmus Plus cooperation project between Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana and ISA Lille. I had the opportunity to teach a class about “Environmental risk assessment” to the Master and PhD students of KNUST. The main objectives of this class were to give lectures and organize a practical case study about risk assessment of European contaminated area. The students were enthusiastic, very attentive, actively participated in class discussions and ask relevant questions. It was a pleasure interacting with them and I enjoyed really much my time there. Outside of class, during meetings, lunch, and dinner, we had wonderful time and lively and collaborative exchanges with our colleagues from KNUST. We expect that these fruitful discussions will lead to proposal writing that should consolidate our research cooperation.

Finally, it was my first time in Ghana and I enjoyed very much this experience. I learned a lot about their culture and appreciated away too much Ghanaian food, even if I almost burned my house trying to cook kéléwélé at home.

Furthermore, it increased my international exposure, improved my network and international collaborative research. I am very grateful to all of the colleagues and Erasmus plus project that allowed my stay in Kumasi. It really was a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I will never forget.”

Dr Nadège Oustrière
Assistant Professor
ISA Lille – Department of Environmental Science

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