We are proud to present a guest post from Nadiia, a student in our Environmental Science Master program. Nadiia joined ISA Lille in 2016 thanks to our Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility Project with her home university, Zhytomyr State Technological University in Ukraine. 

Internship Experience 

“Since March 1st, I am pursuing my M2 internship at Mer, Molecules, Santé laboratory (MMS), Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) in Angers, France. UCO has 12,000 students and 6 campuses (Angers, Arradon, Guingamp, Laval, Papeete, Nantes). The Faculty of Sciences of Angers consists from several research groups in two main areas: mathematics and informatics; biology and environment. 

One of these groups includes a research team from the MMS lab in which I am doing my internship. MMS conducts different studies on the diversity, functioning and disturbance of coastal marine ecosystems to participate in their integrated and stable management. 

My research topic is “The study of the ingestion and the excretion of microplastics in the annelid polychaete Hediste diversicolor. This study is part of the PLASTIC SEINE project and is focused on the investigation of the microplastic bioaccumulation and their toxic effect on the estuarine worm Hediste diversicolor. 

The objectives of my work are: 

  • to develop the worms exposure protocol (via sediment, sediment and water) to a mixture of microplastics and 
  • to analyze the level of microplastics bioaccumulation in worm’s tissues. 

In addition, I will be measuring the toxic effects of microplastics using biochemical and cellular measurements (enzymatic activities related to the immune system including lysozyme assay; Acid phosphatase assay; Phagocytosis assay; Viability assay).” 

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