“Dear all, 

I am doing my M2 internship in company named RAMERY Revitalisation. My internship is focused on several projects such as: 

  • Monitoring and optimization of a venting/sparging treatment 
  • Evacuation of toxic waste, on the RAMERY’s site. 
  • Protocol of wastewater treatment of the company PSA in Trith-Saint-Léger. 
  • Estimation of demolishing material evacuate on La Redoute site in Wattrelos. 

Moreover, during my internship, I had the chance to participate in the Intersol 2018 congress held in Paris. 

The company RAMERY Revitalisation located in Harnes, in the North of France, is a daughter’s company of the French Group named RAMERY SA. 

Ramery Revitalisation has 68 employees and is specialized in three main topics such as: 

  • Treatment of asbestos 
  • Demolition 
  • Rehabilitation of polluted sites 

I am currently in charge of a remediation project on a site located in Vitry-sur-Seine, a former paint industry contaminated by chlorinated solvents. The in-situ technique used is a venting/sparging. 

The aim of the project is in first hand to uptake the Chlorinated solvents located in the soil by the venting and up take it on the active coal of the venting unit. In a second hand the aim is to degrade the amount of Vinyl chlorine located in the underground waters by the injection of air with the sparging. 

Required skills for this mission: adaptability, organization of work, accuracy and autonomy; general knowledge in microbiology, physicochemical properties of pollutants and in-situ remediation techniques.”

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