Teaching Mobility

The internationalization of our teaching faculty and staff is an essential part of ISA Lille’s international strategy. In order to diversify our professors’ expertise and our students’ learning outcomes, we participate in staff and teaching mobility.

Incoming and outgoing staff mobility

ISA Lille offers various opportunities for incoming and outgoing teaching mobility. Faculty exchange is an important part of our international strategy. We encourage our faculty to visit our partner universities through existing cooperation projects (such as Erasmus+) and to diversify their own network through conference participation.

 These mobilities can take place in the framework of our bilateral agreements, France Agro 3 cooperative partnerships, Erasmus+ agreements and projects, and other types of international university partnership agreements.
Download our teachning mobility brochure 2022-2023

Staff testimonies

ISA professors take the floor in video to share their experience of Erasmus+ mobility within our partner universities. They went to teach or to carry out research activities in the different parts of the world, they tell you about it!

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, we strongly encourage interested faculty to participate in blended learning and online teaching models.


Visiting professors must be current faculty at one of our partner universities. Please check with your university’s international office to be sure that our exchange agreement includes faculty exchange. 

ISA Lille does not offer remuneration for the exchange period, but does pay for visiting professors’ lodging and meals during their stay. Your home university is expected to cover your travel costs. All mobility periods are eligible for Erasmus+ funding or other staff and teaching mobility grants, to be awarded by your home university. 

Along the same lines, ISA Lille covers the travel costs of ISA faculty who participate in staff or teaching mobility in a partner university, and expects that the partner university will cover our staff’s meals and lodging.

Incoming Teaching Mobility Opportunities

Each year our faculty members invite visiting professors to lecture in the framework of their planned courses. We are also open to other suggestions of topics, so do not hesitate to propose a teaching unit within the relevant area of study. The following subjects are available for the 2020-2020 academic year:

Incoming Faculty Opportunities
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
International Marketing12-16Nov - DecMasterEnglish
Communication and Crisis Management12-16Jan - FebMasterEnglish
Digital Communication12-16Feb - MarchMasterEnglish
Industrial Marketing12-16Feb-MarMasterEnglish
Advanced Finance and Financial Analysis12-16April-MayMasterEnglish
Consumer Behavior12-16April - MayMasterEnglish
Brand Strategy 4-8Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Communication Policy8-16Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Business Intelligence4-8Sep-DecMasterEnglish
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Animal Housing
Climate - ambiance conditions in livestock buildings4-8Jan - FebMasterEnglish
Pig and/or poultry housing systems and building design8Jan - FebMasterEnglish
Animal Production Systems:
Ovine (sheep) and goat production systems 8April - MayMasterEnglish
Bovine (meat) production systems 8 April-MayMasterEnglish
Animal Nutrition: feed evaluation systems, roughage production (systems)8Oct - NovMasterEnglish
Farm Animal Health
Alternative Medicine4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Infections diseases in pig and poultry4 Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Infectious diseases in ruminants 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Mastitis (description, risk factors, costs,on-farm management...) 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Reproduction diseases in cattle 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Metabolic diseases in cattle 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Locomotion pathologies in cattle 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Management of parasites in ruminants/herbivores 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Veterinary drugs (description and on-farm use) 4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Tools to evaluate the cost of health on farm (global approach) veterinary4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Integrated Health management of farm animals4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
Management of Parasitic Diseases in Farm Animals4Feb - Mar MasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Biocontrol for sustainable crop protection: alternatives to chemical pesticides (all crops)
- Biological control : macrorganisms, microorganisms
- Chemical mediators
- Natural substances (biofungicides from plants or microbials, minerals, etc)
8Jan - FebMasterEnglish
Applied agricultural sciences to specialized crops:
Technicals practices (in organic or not) about vineyard, apple orchards, tomato/cucumber (greenhouse), vegetables, aromatic plants, with a focus on the use of new connected technologies
8April - MayMasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Food Defense (related to IFS, BRC...)8Sep - JanMasterEnglish
Traceability Tools8Sep - JanMasterEnglish
Food Fraud8Sep - JanMasterEnglish
Cleaning and Disinfection: Applications in Food Processing8Oct - JanMasterEnglish
Food Product Formulation10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
Export Market Requirements and Cultural Adaptation of Food Products10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
Ecodesign tools and strategies 10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
ISO26000 and GRI10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
Product Development for Food Security10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
Cost-Benefit Analysis - SROI10-15Nov - FebMasterEnglish
Nutrition - Functional Foods4-8Feb - MarMasterEnglish
Six Sigma - Process Capability and Process Performance - Statistical Process Control15-20Dec - MayMasterEnglish
Biotechnologies15-20Dec - MayMaster English
Packaging - Package/Product Interactions - Sustainability Trends in Packaging15-20Dec-MayMasterEnglish
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Industrial Water Management, Waste Water Treatment, Water Re-use...15-20April - MayMasterEnglish
Industrial Waste Water Management15-20April-MayMasterEnglish
Toxic and Ecotoxic Properties of Pollutants15-20OctMasterEnglish
Alternative Use of Polluted Sites/Sustainable Management of Polluted Areas20-30Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Ecological Restoration10-15Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Crisis Management: Know how to react in an environmental crisis situation (industrial accident...)10-15 Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Applied Techniques of Pollution Remediation: Physical and Chemical Remediation Techniques20-40Sep-DecMasterEnglish
Waste Management (household and industrial waste management, treatment techniques)20Nov-DecMasterEnglish

How to apply 

If you are interested in one of the listed teaching opportunities, please send your CV with a brief description and outline of your proposed course to the ISA Lille International Relations Office at isa.international@yncrea.fr. Our office will then put you in contact with the appropriate professor.

Outgoing Teacher Mobility

In addition to inviting visiting professors to ISA, we also send our faculty to give guest lectures at our partner universities. The list below is an example of our current teaching mobility offer,  however, partners may also request similar subjects. If you are interested in inviting a professor from ISA Lille, please contact us at isa.international@yncrea.fr

Outgoing Teaching Offer
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Toxicology - Ecotoxicology - Environmental Risk Assessment8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Phytoremediation8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Polluted Sites Management8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Human Risk Assessment8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Geographic Information Systems8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Pollutants: Origins, Behaviour, Chemistry8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Advanced Excel workshop for Operations managers in the food industry8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Introduction to linear programming and optimization: agro-food cases using Excel solver8-16To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Finance10-16To be discussedMasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Introduction to Smart Farming (connected agriculture)8-12To be discussedBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Plant Breeding and Genetics8-12To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Biocontrol (crop protection using microorganisms and resistance inducers)8To be discussedMasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Food Safety Management System16Jan - JulyMasterFrench, English
Quality Management System8-12Feb - JunBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Sensory Analysis8-16To be discussedMasterFrench, English
HACCP and ISO TS/220028-16Jan - JulyBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Nutrition applied to food industries, Sensory Analysis, French gastronomy6-16Feb - JulyMasterFrench, English
Introduction to production management and industrial performance in agro-food sector (MRP, ERP, lean etc)4-12To be discussedBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Introduction to linear programming and optimization: agro-food cases using Excel solver8-16To be discussedMasterFrench, English
Food Product Development10-15Oct - MayMasterEnglish
Ingredients/Additives/Food Regulations10-15Oct - MayMasterEnglish
Introduction to Brewing (process and raw material)3-6Feb - JunMasterFrench, English
SubjectTeaching HoursPeriodLevelLanguage
Animal Welfare: definition, monitoring, policy, marketing8-40Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Veal Calf Production: farming, market chains, product4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Dairy Cattle Housing4-12Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Dairy Calves Management and Housing4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Poultry Housing and Production4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
French Livestock Systems4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
Basis in Ethology4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English
The Dairy Chain (France-EU)4-8Year roundBSc3, MasterFrench, English

Staff Mobility

In addition to teaching opportunities, we also welcome the faculty of our partner universities to engage in training programs at ISA. In the framework of our Erasmus + KA107 International Credit Mobility projects, we have welcomed staff from partner universities on the following topics:
  • New Pedagogy: project-based learning and blended activities
  • Sustainable Development workshops
  • Intercultural Communication seminars
Our staff also participate in trainings and staff weeks abroad. If you are a partner university planning a training event, do not hesitate to invite us!

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