Academic Exchange

ISA Lille has more than 200 partner universities around the world and has signed many of these agreements through international programs such as Erasmus+, Brafagri, Brafitec, Arfagri. Don’t miss your chance to study abroad in France!

Our international network includes partner universities of the FESIA consortium and Lille Catholic University. If you are a student from one of our partner universities, ISA offers you various opportunities to come as an exchange student for a semester or a full academic year.

ISA Lille offers courses taught in English and French. All programs are open to exchange students who meet the language requirements and academic prerequisites. Exchange Students must take a minimum of 20 credits (ECTS) per semester.

ISA Lille uses the European Credit Transfer System to facilitate the transfer of credits and ensure the validity of learning outcomes according to the European system. In the ECTS, a full semester consists of 30 credits and a full year of study is 60 credits. ISA Lille’s credit and grading system is fully compatible with the ECTS.

One of the principal objectives of the Erasmus+ program is to promote equity and inclusion. Thus, all of our programs are open to all Erasmus+ students, without discrimination based on age, origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender. Any participants who have a severe disability or exceptional special needs may be entitled to extra funding to cover associated costs on their Erasmus+ mobility. Please contact the ISA International Relations Office for details.

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Our Graduate level courses are open to exchange students, even if they are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, as long as they have sufficient prerequisite knowledge of the subject.

Application Deadline

Fall semester or full academic year:
April 30
Spring semester: October 31

Check the
academic calendar
for semester dates.

Exchange Application Procedure

Valid for all exchange programs, including Erasmus+

1. Nomination by Home University

Your Home Institution International Office sends ISA the following information:

  • Name of student(s)
  • Email address
  • Intended field of studies
  • Intended language of studies

Individual applications will not be accepted.

2. Complete the Application Packet

Students must fill in the application form and Learning Agreement, and prepare the following documents:

  • Exchange Application Checklist
  • Transcripts of academic records (all higher education)
  • Document certifying B2 level in desired language of instruction: English or French
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • Small ID photo in a JPEG format
  • Copy of your passport or national ID

All documents must be sent by email by the Home Institution International Office to

Incomplete and/or individual applications will not be considered.

3. Admission Packet Sent by ISA

ISA will send the Home Institution International Office the Admission Package (Admission letter and Information Guide).
Non-European students will then be able to start the visa application procedure.

Contact your local Campus France office for more details on obtaining a French student visa.

4. Arrival and Orientation

The mandatory Orientation Session generally starts a week before the start of the academic semester. It includes administrative procedures, general information sessions, intensive French classes and Intercultural Communication classes.
All incoming international students are required to participate in the Orientation Session.

Check the academic calendar for exact semester dates.

Social activities are also organized during orientation week, but are not part of the academic requirements.

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Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

Vira Wannepain

International Programs Coordinator

Thanh Ly Lê Minh