International Policy

ISA Lille trains our graduates to meet the needs of transnational businesses and responding to the realities of international markets. 

ISA’s international strategy is focused on five main areas: 

  • Incoming and outgoing student mobility 
  • Education program internationalization 
  • Teaching staff internationalization 
  • Laboratories and research team internationalization 
  • Business services and the global employability of our graduates

Student Mobility

To help international students ease into life at ISA Lille, our international programs include: 

  • Programs taught entirely in English 
  • Intensive courses in intercultural communication and French 
  • Orientation and individual mentoring for international students
  • Attentive logistical and administrative assistance before and throughout their stay 

In addition, all students must have an experience abroad during their studies at ISA. This requirement can be met either through an internship, study abroad or double degree programs.

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Staff Mobility and Internationalization of Research

We equip our students with international skills, thanks to our professors who possess their own international dimension and expertise. The quality of our pedagogical teams and their research activities guarantees the quality of our courses. ISA Lille works on this aspect through the following actions: 

  • Incoming and Outgoing mobility of professors, researchers and doctoral candidates with our partner universities 
  • Involvement in European and international research programs 
  • Employment of international professor-researchers and personnel 

Contact us to learn more about our staff mobility opportunities and offers.

Internationalization of Business and Alumni Networks

The prime objective of our business network internationalization is ensuring a high employability rate for all our graduates, both French and international students. Thanks to our business-oriented projects, our students start building their professional network from frequent exposure to our business partners. 

Another main objective is keeping contact with our foreign alumni network. Our international alumni represent a real added value for businesses eager to develop their activities in the country of origin of these graduates. The global presence of ISA Lille alumni allows us to provide international services to our business partners (e.g. recruitment of local managers instead of expatriates). 


Erasmus +

Erasmus + programs are a the cornerstone of our international strategy. ISA Lille is actively involved in Erasmus+ project through student mobility (study and internships), professor-researcher mobility (training and teaching), participation in strategic partnerships, international credit mobility, and reception of guest professors and business professionals. Learn more about our Erasmus Plus projects.

Our Partners

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With 200 partner universities (and counting!), ISA Lille’s academic programs present diverse learning opportunities through incoming staff mobility, research projects, as well as student mobility.

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