Meet our students

Our students are in the best position to talk about ISA Lille and our programs. Here we let our students’ experiences speak for themselves.

indian student in roquette factory

The students at ISA learn not only engineering but also the European culture. The atmosphere, full of young minds and international students, is quite impressive.

Food Tech Class of 2015 | Assistant Manager at Roquette

student canal

My biggest fear before coming was being far away from my family and friends. It turns out I met really nice people at ISA Lille and I can say I made some new good friends.

Food Tech Class of 2015 | CSR Project Manager at Laudun Chusclan Vignerons

I really appreciated that the program was built on practical experiences. The Master really tried to give you the knowledge when working in the professional field of pollution diagnosis, pollution remediation, etc.

SMaP Class of 2015 | PhD student, Reactivity of Immune System Cells to Pesticides at LIEC Laboratory, France

Chaitali at Evian

I will always be thankful to ISA and my professors for always being encouraging and supportive of me.
I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the food industry.

Food Tech Class of 2016 | Quality and R&D Head at Heritage Novandie Private Foods Ltd

I had fears and uncertainties about how the educational system in France may be very different from what I am used to. Indeed it was different but with hard work and assistance from my mates, I was able to settle early enough.

SMaP Class of 2016 | PhD Candidate: Characterisation of Natural Organic Matter in Drinking Water


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