Eco-friendly actions at ISA Lille

Creating a sustainable world is at the heart of our pedagogical mission. Therefore having a sustainable campus is the first step.

Environmental Resource Management

In 2005, environmental resource management (ERM) became a central part of ISA Lille’s policy in order to constantly improve our environmental performance. From recycling and composting to optimizing energy efficiency and installing the latest energy-saving technology, sustainability is a fundamental value at ISA Lille.

This ERM was first audited and certified ISO 14001 in July 2011, allowing ISA to join the very exclusive club of environmentally certified schools. Our ISO140001 certification was renewed in April 2017.

ISA contributes to work done at the Sustainable and Responsible Development Institute at Lille Catholic University.

Other engagements

ISA is also signatory to the Responsible Corporation Manifesto, receiving the “Acting Together for a Sustainable and United City” label from the city of Lille. Engaged since 2010 in the Green Plan, we recently launched a new CSR-Sustainable Development policy: SWITCH.

Optimized public transportation options on campus

  • Bike-sharing (190 V’lille terminals within 500 meters)
  • 900 places on bike racks in the neighborhood
  • Car sharing (2 stations within 10 minutes walking distance)
  • Bus (4 lines serving campus)
  • Métro (2 stops within 10 minutes walking distance)