A Robust Student Community

ISA Lille always encourages each of its students to get involved. Indeed, the education of the engineers and executives of tomorrow wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility through student associations. This engagement, supported by the school as part of Our Mission, is a highly valued part of the academic curriculum.

Students and apprentices’ personal fulfillment is at the heart of our pedagogical concerns.

This personalized focus is characterized by:

  • Pedagogical accompaniment
  • Individual support for students in difficulty through tutoring
  • A good balance between studies, student life and personal free time (allotted in class scheduling), essential for constructing and fully realizing personal projects.

In addition to learning invaluable skills like teamwork, responsibility and solidarity, students can also earn academic credit (ECTS) through engagement in a student association.

See A List of ISA Lille's Student Associations

  • AE: (Association des étudiants) ISA Lille’s student council, the Student Association Office represents the more than 20 collective student associations that animate student life with numerous special events.
  • Aere: (Association Educative et Récréative à l’Environnment) Educational and Recreational Association for the Environment, is an association dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of respecting the environment.
  • Agriclub: Organizes various events about agriculture.
  • Agrisa: AGRISA is a bioengineering consultancy made up of ISA students who work in diverse sectors: agriculture, food science, environment, marketing…
  • Art’ ISA: Participates in the creation of decorations for different events organized at ISA, as well as cultural outings such as trips to the theater, the Opéra, museums, etc.
  • AS (Association Sportive): Proposes participation in sports clubs: football (soccer), rugby, handball, badminton, fitness, volleyball and basketball, as well as reduced prices for athletic activities.
    Asso’ski: Organizes an annual ski trip for the 4th year students at reduced prices. This Ski Week is an ISA tradition and solidifies a special class bond before the students go their separate ways in the 5th year. This trip also gives many students the opportunity to discover winter sports, a French tradition, for the first time.
  • Chass’ISA: Provides the opportunity to discover the world of hunting (la chasse).
  • Le Claquot: This student newspaper gives students the chance to practice freedom of expression and write articles on all subjects.
  • Cook’ISA: Cooking club that organizes cooking classes, taste tests, snacks, buffets, breakfasts and refreshments during school events
  • Diarupture: Organizes the screening of short films created by students during their rupture, a five-month experience volunteering abroad, mandatory for ISA students. This event gives them the opportunity to tell the story of their experience in an original way. There is also a photo contest and the results are announced during the Dia’Rupture event.
  • Enviro’Network: This association is made up of people working on two approaches: cultivating the relation between students and alumni through the Enviromentalist Alumni Directory and organizing an annual meeting with students, while student “journalists” communicate within the Enviromentalist program.
  • Envisage: Student office of the Environmentalist program, Envisage’s role is to develop relations between all ISA students, external groups and especially the professional world. This group coordinates students associations within the Environmentalist program.
  • Flash’ ISA: Photography club that organizes photography classes, exhibitions & photo contests, as well as being in charge of photographing school events.
  • Le GEDAM : (Groupe d’Etude pour le Développement Agricole Mondial) Research Group on Global Agricultural Development undertakes agricultural humanitarian projects such as Burkina, a project to create a pig farm in Burkina Faso. In addition, the GEDAM members tutor young refugees and sell fair-trade products to finance their projects and participate in various charitable projects such as “Operation Thermos”, a homeless outreach program.
  • ISActeur: Drama club giving students the chance to express themselves through theatrical arts by putting on a play in front of the whole school at the end of the year.
  • ISA‘venture: Organizes student participation in regional sporting events.
  • Jumping ISA: Equestrian club organizes the interschool equestrian competition day, including show jumping and dressage events, and qualifications for French universitiy championship tournaments. This special day event also includes friendly competition through “pony games”.
  • Melt’ISA: This intercultural club is dedicated to helping international students integrate into ISA student life through its Buddy program, orientation events, international parties throughout the year and providing general services. The object to make ISA a melting pot of the different cultures represented in our student body.
  • Mus’ISA: A music ensemble of ISA students who wish to share their passion for music.
  • L’Equipe de la Soirée Cab’: Organizers of one of the biggest ISA annual events, the Soirée Cabaret! This event is a special event where students and faculty display their creative talent for comedy, art, theatre, singing, dancing and anything else!
  • Twinning Estonia: Launched in September 2004, this project aims to open our academic programs to discover new environmental themes and interculturalism. Twining Estonia is the association who manages the twinning program between ISA Lille and a similar program in Estonia. Estonian students come to Lille for a week to discover France, and French students travel to Estonia for a month in March.
  • Vin’ISA & Bier’ISA: This wine and beer club initiates students to oenology, beer tasting and the world of vineyards and breweries. In 2016, Bier’ISA entered their special brew into a local beer competition.
  • AEA: (Association des Etudiants Apprentis) The Student Apprentice Association is managed by the students in the apprenticeship program, organizing events, meet-ups and communicating their experiences with the goal of creating a real unity of the student apprentices at ISA.

Learn more about student life at ISA through the student group on Facebook:
2017 – 2018 : VOLT’AE

ISA’s Must-See Events

  • Diarupture
  • Student Government Inauguration Party
  • Soirée Cabaret
  • Diploma Ceremony
  • Associations Fair
  • DiaErasmus
  • Job and Business Fair
  • International Dinner
ISA Lille students playing sports outside
a group of ISA Lille international students at the annual holiday party

Integration at ISA Lille

Incoming international students are required to join ISA before classes begin in order to facilitate a smooth transition to life in France. Our Orientation Session involves intensive French courses, icebreaker activities, an introduction to Lille and the university, and a refresher course in fundamental subjects to give all students an equal opportunity to achieve academic success at ISA Lille.

Our student association, Melt’ISA, provides buddies for international students to contact before coming to ISA. These buddies are also available to welcome students when they arrive and to give advice and support throughout the year.
Orientation events organized by students are carefully monitored by the school and aim to create team spirit in each class by respecting individuality and the desire of each student to participate or not in these activities. These events are in place to reflect the institutional values that we hope to convey year after year to each of our students.