Testimonial – Mariam, Food Tech Class of 2015

Food Science   Publié le 09 10 2017

After my first degree in Biochemistry I decided to pursue masters in Food Technology not just any but one which was different and stood out and not only had the aim to train future Food technologists and future food experts. The news to my admission was a joyous one but being offered a scholarship through a grant offered by the Cardinal Paul Poupard foundation not only was the best news ever received, but a great opportunity for me to  study the course I so longed for: food technology merged with management.

Studying at ISA Lille was a delightful journey coupled with outstanding experiences. When the semester began I then realised I had underestimated the depth of precision and details the course structure had to offer. It is a cocktail of innovative food technologies, their use in sustainability of worldwide food industry with industrial and research approach.

As someone already working in a Food research Institute in my country, the detailed nature of the course structure not only equipped me with much research knowledge, but also with an opportunity to be an industrial food technologist with an added advantage of a second international language, French.

Sustainable Food Technology and Management as an international program exposed me to the experience of working with different nationalities across continents. At first I thought working in international teams was a piece of cake till I started experiencing it. However, fortunately ISA made it much easier to learn effective team work through intercultural studies and personal development. This has truly turned my classmates and me into potential international executives.

Internships as a must in the program is one of my favourite parts of every semester; experience they say, is the best teacher.  This is the time I got to practice what was taught; my first experience was working in a leading confectionery factory in France, Verquin Confiseur. The key lessons that will never part from me here was honing managerial skills through effective communication, understanding the French and European regulations of running a factory and lastly, the science of making and packing delicious candies.  My second internship is currently in the area of research, finding out ways to improve the health benefits of a flour from an underutilized crop. What fascinates me about this experience is the fact that the effect of the outcome of this research has a high potential of a worldwide impact in the areas of food sustainability and food security.

This master at ISA Lille is rich with incredible team experiences and has a welcoming friendly environment. The program has increased my open-mindedness and at its end I am now a food technologist equipped with international experience, intercultural team work abilities and a potential outstanding executive. The unique experiences gotten as a student of Master of Food Technology and Management can never be over exaggerated. It is an outstanding experience and I hope more people will have the opportunity to experience it for a much better tomorrow.Mariam ISA Lille Food Science Graduate

Mariam Yakubu
Master of Science and Engineering – Major Food Sciences
ISA Lille, France