Quality Management Systems in the Agrofood Sector

  • Level: Master 2
  • Period: Semester 1
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Caroline Kaczmarek

Main Objectives

The aim is to train futures engineers able to:
˒Manage quality in the agrofood sector (food safety, environment, industrial risks) by combining the quality of the products and the economic issues;
˒To answer to an international demand.

The specific objectives consist in giving to the students:

  • An international vision of the food supply chain from farm to fork, its constraints and opportunities;
  • The necessary tools through operational approaches to put in place and improve a management system able to answer to international standards and norms (food safety management systems, environmental management…);
  • The skills to develop an integrated management system dealing with food safety risks, food fraud, food defense, environmental risks, security…

Skills Developed

  • The ability to communicate and to manage different projects through an international context in multicultural teams;
  • The capacity to develop the right methodology and use scientific knowledges to solve problems;
  • The ability to manage several projects in a sustainable way;
  • The ability to work while using the English language.


General Content

Organization through 3 points:

  • Fundamental: lectures, tutorials;
  • Projects: co-elab project, case studies…;
  • Visits: testimonies, companies, conferences.

There are 8 modules:

  1. Quality management in production
  2. Food safety Management systems
  3. Resource management and responsibility
  4. Environmental and risks management
  5. Integrated management systems and quality strategy
  6. Monitoring tools
  7. Communication tools
  8. Co-Elab project



Continuous assessment, oral presentations, practical + 4 exams.



Caroline Kaczmarek
Professor - Coordinator, Academic Advisor, Food Science
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