Waste Water Management

  • Level: Master 1
  • Period: Semester 2
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Julien Castelin

Main Objectives

Upon completion of this course students should be able to understand the big challenge that the company has to face with:
- the reduction of the water use,
- the management of the waste water,
- the valorization of treatment by-products.

Skills Developed

Both technical skills and operational skills


General Content

The course will be illustrated with short practical exercises to be performed by students and on-site visits (waste water treatment plant of municipality and company).

The lectures will address the following topics:

– Industrial water management;

– Wastewater treatment: principles and implementation;

– Water reuse, valorization of by products and case studies;

– Industrial wastewater specific treatment: principles and implementation.



Individual written exam based on the lectures and case studies done.




Julien Castelin
Professor - Academic Advisor, Environmental Science
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