Geographical Information System (GIS) - Basic Knowledge

  • Level: Master 1
  • Period: Semester 2
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Sébastien Détriché

Main Objectives

The learning outcomes are to acquire basic skills on GIS by using the QGIS software (free and open source):
- understanding different GIS fields of application;
- mastering the basic tools of the QGIS software;
- understanding data (vector and raster) and metadata, deal with spatial data;
- making of thematic maps (with review of cartography rules);
- knowing how and where acquiring data (data sources);
- learning how to solve environmental problems and apply GIS solutions (polluted sites, soil science, agriculture, landscape management...).

Skills Developed

  1. Learn how to use a GIS software (QGIS)
  2. Use GIS to deal with environmental issues


General Content

Guided step by step practical work on the software with exercises. Students will work with worldwide and regional (Nord-Pas de Calais) data

  • What is a GIS ? How to deal with spatial data ? Fields of application… = basic knowledge about GIS
  • The QGIS interface. Dealing with layers and their properties (graphic and attributary), coordinate systems
  • The table of contents, toolbars, definition queries
  • Symbology and labelling
  • Georeferencing, coordinate systems
  • Editing and layout (creating maps)
  • Making selections
  • Joining data (from the database to the GIS)



Individual exam on the software



Sébastien Détriché
Research Engineer
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