Welcome Session

  • Level: Master 1
  • Period: Semester 1
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Sophie Dupont Wargniez

Main Objectives

This welcome session is a mandatory course for ALL degree-seeking AND exchange students joining the first semester of Master 1 at ISA Lille.

This session is an introductory course to the teaching at ISA Lille (scientific skills, communication skills, knowledge on agriculture and food chain). The objectives of the welcome session are to:

  • Get used to the pedagogic methods, expectations and type of evaluations at ISA
  • Introduce the lectures from the 4th year in agriculture and food chains
  • Give reminders on scientific writing and communication methods
  • Get to know each other and prepare to meet future colleagues from 4th year.

General Content

Lectures – Workshops – Group work


  • (33% of the credits)
  • Prepare for future scientific work through a written and oral assignment on scientific topics
  • 8h lectures on the methodology for a literature review/ 22h of work in small groups
  • Evaluation: Individual literature review + Group oral presentation of a press review


  • (33% of the credits)
  • How are the food chain organized in the European context?
  • 17h of lectures on food chain organizations / analysis of some specific food chains
  • Evaluation: Individual exam


  • (17% of the credits)
  • Get a glimpse at how cultural differences interact in our relationship and communication with others, and how communication between people works…
  • 15h + 12h of workshop + 12
  • Evaluation: Exercises during the workshops + short individual report + participation in the workshops

NOTE: Non French-speaking students will also take 15 hours of French as Foreign Language course


Sophie Dupont Wargniez
Academic Advisor, Engineering Program
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