Food Chains 2
and Initiation to Project Management

  • Level: Master 1
  • Period: Semester 1
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Hélène Leruste

Main Objectives

This program is specific to international students (or French students who did not follow the bachelor program at ISA) joining the master program in agriculture or agribusiness. The objectives are to:
˒ Discover some agricultural production specific to French or European agriculture (in line with the lecture on food chains included in the welcome session).
˒ Study a project in the farming sector. Meet the expectations of the sponsor, with a solution in relation with the demand.

Skills Developed

  • Understand and analyze the problem.
  • Define objectives.
  • Manage a project (project schedule, anticipation of risks, evaluation of the resources, distribution of tasks, taken into account of the constraints)
  • Develop relationships in a multicultural context (in the group, with the partners, with the teacher)

General Content

  • Self-learning on the main animal and plant productions in France (e-learning platform) – 24h
  • 1 workshop on project management – 4h
  • 1 intensive week on a project in agriculture in subgroups – 5 days


  • Evaluation of knowledge on animal and plant production (on-line quiz)
  • Group oral evaluation + report on the project in agriculture



Hélène Leruste
Professor, Academic Advisor in Agricultural Science
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