Management Option: Trade and Agribusiness

  • Level: Master 2
  • Period: Semester 1
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Julie Christiaen

Main Objectives

The main objective of this major is to fit to those expectations, ie. develop essential knowledge and skills for marketing, commercial, retail or consulting duties, focused on Agribusiness sector.

Agriculture businesses sell and market their products globally, regionally and locally, leading to many related positions at these businesses. Skills related to selling and marketing products linked to agriculture technical knowledge greatly enhance the success of executives in an agribusiness operation.

Skills Developed

Students will develop dual skills necessary in many career opportunities in the Agribusiness sector, dealing with widely differing business environments :

  • Trade and management skills including data analysis, business intelligence, communication, finance, management, marketing and business soft skills.
  • Ability to understand and analyse trade and marketing issues in agribusiness sector through innovative and sustainable agronomic and digital agriculture


General Content

Agriculture modules will be led by AgriSmart (sustainable agriculture and smart farming) major, business students will then be able to practise and learn with Agriculture students, in a multidisciplinary approach.

Different teaching modules and field visits will be organised by the teachers of the Department of Agroeconomics, the department of Agriculture, and professional interventions. The objective is to cross the business and technical approaches in Agribusiness sector.

Lectures will be combined with case studies and business game, projects, and professional meetings.

Business project will be led by students in partnership with a company or organization. This project corresponds to a real demand and the students (in groups) are in a situation of obligation of result.



Assessments will be used and equally distributed between :

  • Individual written assessments
  • Oral presentations
  • Written reports
  • Evaluation based on the participation and professional attitude

See the complete course description for training module details


Julie Christiaen
Professor - Head of Agricultural Economics Department
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