Decision Tools:
Statistics and Market Research

  • Level: Master 1
  • Period: Semester 1
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Teacher/Coordinator: Amar Djouak

Main Objectives

This unit aims to put knowledge acquired in the field of statistics and marketing at the service of a specified problematic.
The scope may apply to agriculture, agri-food, environment or landscape field.
This approach will enable to put into practice the acquired knowledge and to analyze and solve a given problem

Skills Developed

To carry out a quantitative survey, for example in the context of a market study, from planning to statistical analysis and results synthesis.


General Content

  • Quantitative surveys: methodology and tools
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Putting into practice acquired notions by carrying out a case study


Oral exam in group


Amar Djouak
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