The Agricultural Science major aims to meet the current and future needs of companies, public authorities and research laboratories by training future managers and scientists benefiting from French and European expertise in the fields of :
 ⦁         livestock housing, nutrition and production
 ⦁         crop systems modelling, protection and management
 ⦁         smart farming and new technologies in agriculture

The objective of the course is to have a general overview of the topic, from food chain theory and crop management to livestock and plant production.
Although this general approach is of course taught through its technical and scientific aspects, it is crucial to include economic, sociological and ethical aspects to comprehend the notion of sustainability in agricultural.
The other general objectives of the course are to give students:
 ⦁    an international view of the issue of agriculture, highlighting certain national and/or regional specificities;
 ⦁    the necessary tools to manage crop and livestock production;
 ⦁    the necessary tools to manage agricultural processes, from ruminant nutrition to distribution channels;
 ⦁    a practical view of site management, thanks to lectures and seminars by experts in the field;
 ⦁    the methods to manage projects within an international context, with multicultural staff.

Students of ISA Lille's Agricultural Science program learn to understand the latest issues in agriculture and acquire a work method necessary to guide both farmers and firms through ongoing change in the industry. Our graduates go on to become actors of sustainable agriculture across domains and regions.


One day a week is dedicated to team projects, which are monitored by a Professor and a representative from the industry or a partner company.

Examples of projects:
- Optimization of plant cover properties using satellite imagery: New Technologies in Agriculture, 2017 Farming By Satellite 1st Prize Winner
 - Effect of the type of loose-housing system on dairy cow behavior and step activity
 - Agriculture and Development of Plants for Medicinal Purposes
 - Urban Farming and Hydroponics
 - Conversion of Farms from Conventional to Organic Farming Systems   

Admission procedure

Eligibility and Prerequisites

•    Min. Bachelor degree in biochemistry, microbiology, biology, biotechnology, ecology, agriculture or other related discipline in life sciences
•    Good level of English certified by a test: TOEFL 80, TOEIC 785, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent…
•    French is NOT a prerequisite

The selection is based on
•    The academic level of the applicant,
•    The motivation and interest of the applicant in the program (why does it suit your professional projects…),
•    The motivation to pursue studies in France,
•    Level of French is a plus but not compulsory.

Tuition fees

•    Tuition Fees: €6,500/year (for admission in September 2018)
•    Living expenses in France: Approx. €650/month
•    Miscellaneous fees (insurance, VISA, etc.): Approx. €300/year

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