Bachelor program in Agriculture and Life Sciences - Taught in French

The first 2 years of the program in agricultural engineering aim at giving the students core scientific and technical knowledge in fundamental sciences like biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics but also economics, foreign languages and interpersonal skills.  

In their 3rd year, students have the opportunity to start applying these fundamentals in our specialization fields: plant science, animal science, food technology, environmental science and economics. 

Our pedagogy: learning-by-doing and project-based approach

All our programs combine both theoretical teaching and practical work. The teaching methods are based on active learning, to match the reality of the professional sector, so that our graduates enter the job market quickly and efficiently.  

ISA graduates’ employment rate is 85%, 6 months after graduation. 

The active learning is based on practical work in labs, case studies, industrial projects, internships in companies… 

In every ISA program, professional immersions (internships and industrial projects) are compulsory and fully integrated into the curriculum.  

In addition, our programs also include project management and intercultural activities to help students develop their abilities to work in team and reinforce transverse skills.


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In India, ISA OFFICE  
Ms Brijveen Sabherwal
India Representative - Manager of ISA DELHI Office
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