ISA Lille is an Erasmus + Charter Holder, meaning the school is committed to respecting the fundamental principles of European programs and their values, namely equal opportunity, openness to others and humanism.

ISA's International Policy

In a globalised context, engineering schools aim to train internationally operational managers with intercultural skills, capable of meeting the needs of businesses and responding to the realities of international markets.
Consequently, ISA’s international strategy is based on 5 main focuses:

  • Incoming and outgoing student mobility
  • Internationalisation of education programs
  • Internationalisation of teaching teams
  • Internationalisation of laboratories and research teams
  • Services to businesses and the employability of our graduates

Student Mobility

1.1 Incoming Mobility

In order to develop the school’s attractiveness, ISA has set up several actions:

  • Programmes taught entirely in English
  • Intensive courses in intercultural communication and French
  • Individual mentoring for international students
  • Welcome session as well as attentive logistical and administrative assistance for international students throughout their stay

1.2 Outgoing Mobility


All ISA student are required to account for an experience abroad of at least one semester during their programme in order to graduate. This experience can be either through a traineeship or study abroad or double diploma programs offered by the establishment.

Staff Mobility and Internationalisation of Research

If we want to train our students in international skills, we must ensure a leading pedagogical team with its own international dimension and expertise.

The quality of our teams and their research activities guarantees the quality of our education and courses.

ISA works on this aspect through the following actions:

  • Incoming and Outgoing mobility of professors, researchers and doctoral candidates with our partner universities
  • Involvement in European and international research programmes
  • Employment of international professor-researchers and personnel

Internationalisation of our business and alumni networks

The prime objective of our business network internationalisation consists of ensuring a high employability rate for:

  • Our French recent graduates wishing to start an international career
  • Our foreign recent graduates

Our objective also involves keeping contact with our foreign alumni network. They represent a real added value for businesses eager to develop their activities in the country of origin of these graduates. They are potentially the best ambassadors for French companies and represent rich recruitment ground, thus allowing us to provide international services to our business partners (recruitment of local managers instead of expatriates). 

Within the framework of this international strategy, the Erasmus + programs are flagship programs in which ISA is actively involved through student mobility (study and traineeships), professor-researchers (training and teaching), participation in strategic partnership programs, international credit mobility, reception of guest professors and business professionals…

In ISA’s network of partner universities, more than 60% are partners within the framework of Erasmus + programmes.