How to get to Lille

  • From Charles de Gaulle Airport : direct SNCF train (1 hour) to Lille-Europe or Lille-Flandres station
  • From Lille Airport : shuttle bus (20 min) to Lille-Flandres station
  • From Paris: direct train (1 hour) from Gare du Nord to Lille-Europe or Lille-Flandres statio

Pick up service

On your arrival, ISA can provide a pick up service at the Lille train station to take you to your accommodation.  This service is only provided on week days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  If you wish to be picked up, please inform the International Office of your travel arrangements as soon as possible.


We recommend that students book a room in a Lille Catholic University Residence Hall. 
All the housing information and the housing application forms are on line:
Contact : A.E.U. (Association d'Entraide Universitaire)

The housing office (AEU) is situated 47 Bd Vauban (2nd floor) - 59800 Lille
E-mail: - Tel: +33 (0)3 20 15 97 78 – Fax: +33 (0)3 20 28 52 42 80
For further information, please contact logement(at)aeu.asso(dot)fr

Dining options

A university cafeteria is located across the street from ISA; it is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays. You can eat there with Crous tickets (3.05 €/ meal). 
There are also many sandwiches shops and fast food places in the neighborhood.
Most of the residences have a shared kitchen, so you are free to prepare your own meals.


Health Insurance 
European Union Students:
Bring with you your European health insurance card or the health insurance certificate provided by the authorities in your home country.

Non-European Union Students:
If you are under 28 and you’re staying in France for more than 4 months 
Even if you come to France with your own health insurance, you must take the French Health Insurance (Sécurité Sociale). The annual premium is to be paid for the entire academic year (even if you stay for only one semester). The cost is around 200 Euros. It is valid one year from October 1 to September 30 the year after. It refunds about 70 % of medical expenses.
On your arrival, the ISA International Programs Office will help you to fill in the appropriate forms.
It is optional but recommended to get a complementary insurance to obtain better refunds. This insurance is different from the affiliation to the “Sécurité Sociale”. Several student insurance companies exist. Most of the students from Lille Catholic University take out the SMENO package: The costs vary depending on the insurance option chosen (from 70 Euros/academic year)
If you are over 28 years: You must buy a private health insurance. 

Personal Liability Insurance 
Student Insurance companies also provide Personal Liability Insurance which is highly recommended (25 € per year) .


This chart is an estimation of the MONTHLY expenses international students have to be aware of when studying at ISA, Lille (excluding tuition fees, when applicable).




350 € to 500 €



100 € to 200 €


0 € to 45 €

Personal expenses

50 €

Some expenses are to be paid once for the whole year, no matter how long the students stay:


Health insurance (French Sécurité Sociale)(For non European students)

215 €

Health insurance (complementary insurance) - OPTIONAL

100 €

Personal liability insurance

20 €

OMI fiscal stamp for the resident permit (for non european students)

79 €

Other (visa application fees, etc...)

100 €

Books and equipment

180 €


Accommodation booking fees

235 €

Accommodation security deposit (refunded at the end of the stay)

1 month rent

Accommodation tax

96 €

Accommodation insurance

45 € to 60 €